A New Year to Discover Who You Are...

Imagine this? You go into a year with the anticipation of high expectations of dedicating yourself to change. Change in your diet. Change in your daily decisions. Change in relationships either non-romantic or romantic. You even wrote a long list that you would change this and that. The first month you completely nailed it! You didn't eat anything greasy or fried, no meat and you even decided to be VEGETARIAN after all those meat eating days the year before. 

The second month hits, you start getting tempted when your friends asking you to go out for dinners, parties, and celebrations. You almost give in to smoking or getting hammered but you still haven't wavered. 

Third month arrives and on the 2nd week you're like, "Screw this!". You even tell yourself you probably was not even capable of being that discipline or focus on a goal that large. You give your friend a ring to meet up to go out for drinks and dinner since been craving a martini and a par seared steak with mash and red wine reduction. The next day your mentally beating yourself about how you didn't stick to your plan. 

Eventually you forget about the plan and just live your days. Not realizing the year ends with the concept "let do this again". The cycle continues, does this make you a incapable person to keep your word to yourself? 


Does this mean you should never make promises to yourself or for the year?


What should you do to stop the cycle? 

The decision is yours, but we are more than willing to give guidance and you make up your own conclusion.

History explains the New Years Resolutions began as a tradition in the Western and Eastern Hemisphere in which a individual tries to change a undesired trait or habit about themselves to accomplish a personal goal to improve their life within their perspective. That being said if you want to better your way of life you have to believe in yourself and if you fall just get back up and try again. Why throw in the towel all together? Why not see it as a lesson or a learning curve? Why not keep going? 

One thing is for certain do not take on more than what you can chew. Once you master one thing on your list move one to the next. Bit by bit you will see growth within yourself and your daily habits.

It is amazing 2018 is right around the corner how will you craft it?

“I do not believe in taking the right decision, I take a decision and make it right.” 
― Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Written By: J. McGrath


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