No Sound. No Balance.

No Sound. No Balance.

Being sound.

What is being sound?

I walked around the shala this afternoon and wondered what is the view of "being sound". I began to ask Kranti (since he is always available to answer a question) and the yoga teachers in the shala. I listened, examined every answer and it added on to my perspective of "being sound" and I hope it does the same for you as well.

Kranti mentioned he was teaching yoga to a gentleman that was deaf and when he entered into balancing postures such as Vrksasana (tree pose), he had trouble maintaining his balance. He continued to described when someone slaps the side of your ear. Your ear retains and receives sound so when your ear is slapped you lose balance automatically. If you dig deeper into the symbolism of this...if all that you are is deaf such as mind, body, spirit and lifestyle. This would mean you are not sound.

Let's go a little deeper, if  your mind is deaf this means your mind is unable to receive knowledge and understanding...never really achieving the balance of the mind. It becomes a domino effect because if your mind is not sound then your spirit is not sound. Which then trickles into your body and lifestyle, although you are in this circumstance of being are not blind.

How do you become sound to be balance?

Laura Shanks, one of our graduated student and yoga teacher here at Kranti Yoga (whom everyone considers the walking book of knowledge) stated, "being sound is living and abiding in our true, divine nature".

The question arises, what is our true nature?

To be sound, to be balance.

Lastly, Francesca also a graduated student and enchanting yoga teacher at Kranti Yoga stated, "being sound is to be present", meaning existing or occurring at that very moment. When you are here, listening and aware of everything.

Afterwards, I continued to play with the thought of "sound" and "being sound".

Sound is existent.

Sound is present.

Sound can be desirable or undesirable. Like music is can be off beat or on beat, there must be a tempo you are following and with that you will know if you are sound. Ever notice anxiety, depression, frustration in your yoga practice or daily life? That being said, your path will guide you to the point where you find your true nature to eliminate what is causing the imbalance. This is when you know that you are sound and achieve true balance.

Recognizing when you are not sound is the first step then sketching out how to change it. Your heart will guide you towards being fully sound.

One thing is for certain, declaring something you believe in vocally allows you to put your faith and purpose out into the atmosphere.

If you say the following out loud to yourself daily, you will see the difference in your daily life:

I am sound, I am balanced. I am sound, I am balanced. I am sound, I am balanced.

I am sound, I am balanced. I am sound, I am balanced. I am sound, I am balanced.

I am sound, I am balanced. I am sound, I am balanced. I am sound, I am balanced.

Remember your true nature is to be sound and balanced, the next step is the journey ahead.

Written By: J. McGrath


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