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Being a Legacy

Being a legacy is beyond what we perceive or what society would dictate being a legacy is.
The idea or sentiment of wanting to leave a legacy comes from within, it is a desire of being selfless and wanting to leave something more than tangible or perceptible by touch in the physical world. Before going into what exactly, it is to leave a legacy...lets talk about different view points of leaving a legacy in various peoples lives.
Now selflessness means to have more concern for others than for yourself. Do you think of others more than for yourself? Do you find the balance of the of being selfless and having self love? People who live to leave legacies there is an intent to change the world or the world that surrounds them. There is an intent and/or determination to bring balance to the imbalance.
Determination is defined  as the process of establishing, controlling or deciding the outcome of a goal, desire, or whatever fits the mold of the your situation.…

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